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I had my FLOAT RL (non Pro Pedal) PUSHed and it has been on my bike (2004 Element 100mm travel) for two weeks including one race.
Turn around was very quick, which was great because 2 days after I sent my old shock to PUSH, my year and one week old Pro Pedal suddenly lost damping then proceeded to lock out. I used an old Fox ALPs air shock for a few days until my PUSH arrived back home. PS it you want a shock that doesn't bob, get an ALPs, but it makes the rear of my bike skip around and be harsh like a hard tail unless I have 50% sag.
I requested a PUSH set up to make it more plush on the smallest stuff but maintaining some platform for the technical Marathon races we have in BC (yes there really is a true XC Marathon on the North Shore trails).
I need to put in about 15 more PSI than a stock FLOAT RL Pro Pedal to get the same amount of sag.
The PUSH is definitedly more plush, it feels like a coil now. It bobs about the same amount as a Pro Pedal with the same amount of sag, but the bike seems to be more snappy when accelerating at the start of a race (don't know why - it moves for sprinting but doesn't make the bike feel as mushy as a stock FOX). I supose I could put in more air to make it equal in plushness to a stock Pro Pedal and it would have less bob, but that would defeat the purpose.
The shock doesn't bottom out with a bang or noise like the non-ProPedal FLOAT RL.
Its kind of funny, other people say that their PUSH requires less air for the same amount of sag. They also say that their PUSH is quieter than stock, but I find mine has more AMPhysema.
PUSH didn't remove my lock out lever, so I took a hack saw to the lockout lever mounting post to make it flush with the shock body - much more comfortable for portaging now ( I know from another shock that you can't remove the lockout lever mounting post since it allows the oil to leak out).
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