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Another proud member of the club..

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Hi all....I just purchased an 05 Switchblade which i think is the shizzle. I stripped every component off of it except the RP3, the Fox Vanilla, Thomson post, san Marco Baracuda saddle and the Chris King headset. Otherwise, everything else has been replaced. too bad it has been raining here in New jersey for the past 2 time to ride this stallion. Oh, the bike weighs around 28 lbs....not too bad for a full sus....Here are the specs...
-Easton Monkeylite carbon bars
-FSA K-force carbon cranks
-juicy 7's
-XO rear derailler
-x7 shifters (i might switch to xo gripshift)
-Chris king hubs
-Mavic 819 Rims
-all new cables
-Sram pg990 cassette
-Yeti grips
-(Thomson stem soon to come)


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1 more pic.....

I had to show the hubs...they are SWEET....


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Sick bike, bro!!!

Welcome to the Switchblade Fan Club! :D :D

Aren't those bikes beautiful?

Congrats on your shiny new ride. I am a big fan of polished bikes and those hubs are killer.
Nice Bike!

How do you like the Vanilla fork?
thanks guys....I have not had a chance to really test out the Vanilla...I took the day off from work today but i was only able to ride around my house on paved streets today. I live in New Jersey and today was the first day without rain in 2 weeks....The bike feels REALLY light. My Rush 1000 supposedly weighs 29 lbs, but my blade feels way lighter for some reason. The Switchblade is an absolute bullet. the rear is so stiff, it feels like something is pushing the bike from the back. Chris King hubs make the most beautiful sound when in motion. I cannot explain the hum. Its like birds on a spring day....its just awesome. I think undoubtedly i will switch to xo gripshifts. X7 is a nice system, but rather sloppy at times, not overly but just enough for me to notice. Anyway thank you for the nice comments, i will be posting as a regular here, so get used to me!!!!
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Look out for the seat tube!

Looks like it's sticking down pretty close to the shock. A big drop might damage the shock.
Welcome to the Titus area, I am a newbie you could say also. Have to say real great helpful people on this here site......

Enjoy the Uzzi sound of the CK hubs, they purr
Nice looking blade. Post up a review after you get a chance to put some miles on it.

Once you find the right seat height you will need to cut the seatpost. If the seatpost is more than 10mm below the seatmast it can contact the shock and cause lots of damage.
enjoy the ride
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