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01/01/06 broke fine and fair here at the casa de MTB. After a nourishing breakfast of mango, potato and brine marinated pork omellete, we'un's decided that the celebratory thing to do would be to take full and complete advantage of the fine weather and crank out a long, grueling, yet ultimately satisfying ride.

Objective, Red Rocks, Apex, and return to the beer carrier via Dakota Ridge. mmmmmm. Gruel a plenty, but omelettes aren't made or earned without some breakage and bedlam.

Red Rocks, a roadside attraction.

Apex, we live down there somewhere...

Apex, climbing, "You'll thank me for this in April."

Apex, still climbing, "You'll thank me for this in about 10 minutes."

<No pictures exist of the lovely and talented Enchanted Forest descent. Or of the icy chute of death descent down Apex Trail>

Dakota Ridge. Scruptuous, techy, and wonderfully close to the beer carrier.

There's a trail right on the tippy top of that ridge of folded ancient sea bed.

Sweet merciful payoff. Hours in the saddle, miles and miles of riding, thousands of feet of climbing. Ruination indeed.
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