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I'm afraid its another cry for help from someone just getting back into mountain biking. I like a bit of everything and i've had my eye on a few bikes. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Kona Blast Deluxe (2008) - £485

Gary Fisher Wahoo Dic (2008) - £380

Gary Fisher Marlin Disc (2008) - £450

Specialized Rockhopper (2008) - £500

I like the look of all of them but i'm having trouble finding a company that ships the Gary Fishers. I'm in the forces and in the arse end of no-where so buying from a shop unfortunately isn't an option. If anyone knows any online retailers that ship to a uk address that would be ace. Anyhow, any comments on the above or any other models around the £350-£500 (ish) mark would be great.


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