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I kidnapped my hubby, who has been working way too hard, for the "local" that's right out of our back yard. It's his birthday today. This ride is nothing destination, but the view is great and there are snippets of single track. We leave from the house, and go up a gravel residential road through the forest, then pick up singletrack along the ridge line, then onto an old jeep road, then the utility road up to the radio towers. The climb is pretty killer: I would never take anyone up here who is not in good shape. This is the view looking east, towards Idaho. It's about 3 miles to the top.

my new biking friend was with us, so here's a cute couple shot

Going back down, there's lots of steep singletrack that's really a blast. It's smooth, and steep and very turny. I rode 99% of it, woo-hoo... just got way back and finesses all the corners. Here's my hubby, nickname Mr Adventure ( that's a story for another day) on the very last corner, it turns to the viewer's left right after you drop off the log.

I have not been riding nearly enough and this is great.

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