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This is copied and pasted from the Idaho Outdoors Yahoo! Group.....

So I thought my eyes were failing me last night as I
was coming down Hull's Gulch (hoping to see the jeep
that Nick posted, but it was gone) and saw another
jeep creep up over one of the hills. They spotted me
and took off the other way. I ran after them to get a
license plate # but couldn't see. They took that side
trail that goes up past the old cars in the little
canyon that outlets out onto 8th street, so that must
be how they are getting in. I can't beleive they had
the balls to go out there in broad daylight at 6:30pm!
Ther trails were pretty empty, but not that empty!
Called the police and they went out to search for
them. They sounded like they really want to kick this
in the bud, so if you happen to see a jeep up there,
give them a call!

And FWIW, it's Jenny from the BOMBB Squad.


Jeez...what's up with the sudden urge of ******** to go driving in Hulls!?!?!

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BelaySlave said:
Jeez...what's up with the sudden urge of ******** to go driving in Hulls!?!?!
It's a two-way Boise urban legend.

MTBers and hikers went up to the first jeep as if they were going to look at a shipwreck. (I know - I was one of them. Watched the owner trying to winch it out.)

4Wheelers might be feeling the thrill of poaching.

From the tone of Jenny's post it sounds like these guys know what they're doing.
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