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Ok- after reading a bunch of posts, I finally got the bug and converted my old Trek hardtail to SS, using SSurly components. Currently running 32:20 since the local trails have some slow technical sections and SSteep technical climbs. I also lengthened my SStem by 1 cm and raised my bar height about 1/2", which seems to help with getting forward when climbing out of the saddle.

A few observations:

1. Overall, riding SS is harder than riding geared, but there is something far more addicting about it which I can't define just yet.
2. Maintaining momentum is critical.
3. I get dropped by EVERYONE when riding 32:20 on the railtrail I ride to get to the trailhead.
4. Technical climbing is a lot different and in some ways harder than geared and in other ways easier than geared (weird, huh?). You have to get used to standing instead of sit and spin.
5. My big ol' HT now weighs in at less than 25 lbs! :thumbsup:
6. Singlespeeds just look cool.
7. Ground clearance is increased significantly.
8. You need confidence in the bike's ability to blast through or over technical obstacles at speed, rather than "fineSSe" your way through like you could on a gearie.
9. You use your brakes far less often.
10. It seems like you get a better total body workout from SS.
11. Drivetrain is super quiet- I notice other noises my bike makes more than I used to!
12. Wife thinks I'm nuts.
13. Geared riding buddies think I'm nutSS- I'm trying to convince them to try it.
14. No more chainring tattoo incidents!
15. No more hanger banger incidents!
16. Chicks dig SS. (haven't tested this theory yet).
17. Beer tastes better after a SS ride (have tested this theory- its true!)
18. Can't SStop typing theSSe double SS in posts.
19. I have an excuse to walk steep climbs when I'm tired!
20. Drivetrain maintenance is much more SSimple.

Oh- and SS is way overstated. :D

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Closer to the even darker realm....

I just ordered the tube set ( True Temper Versus HT) to build an offroad building it as a 700c to use cyclocross tires, 120mm hub spacing and will probably use a road disc or a set of Magura hs-33 on the front....
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