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Well a bunch of locals and our token Moab rider Wally showed up for the Sunday MBH ride. One never knows what they are getting themselves into when going on a Sunday shop ride, but today's ride was very nice. Early into the ride we rode a segment that most touron types wouldn't enjoy, but that only lasted for about 15 minutes.

Fortunately we rode some sections that I hadn't GPS'ed previously so I was happy to add those sections to my work in progress Sedona Trail Map. One of the new segments was the Secret Slickrock Trail from Chavez Road to the BIG patch of slickrock above Cresent Moon Park, which borders Oak Creek. What was cool about riding Secret Slickrock was that the FS had put up an offical sign stating Secret Slickrock ---->.

We have been riding that trail for as long as I have been coming to Sedona and I am sure it has been there for many years before I ever showed up.

Attached are five jepegs which show the whole Sedona trail system plus four quadrants.
I still need about ten more mountain biking trails (Stay High, Made in the Shade, Ant Hill, Lavitra, Skid Mark, Double Trouble, Roller Coaster Proper, Missing in Action, Pot Farm, etc.) to get nearer to an almost completed map, but I think I am getting closer to the light at the end of the tunnel.



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TD,thanks for the hospitality we had a great time riding with you guys.

Anytime you want to sample the goodies up here in northen NM,let us know,take care.

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