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Just picked my SL Expert up from the LBS tonight.
Expert right out of the box, with no pedals weighed in at 30.55lb
For pictures, check out the other post by the guy in washington, mine is the same exact color.

I spent about an hour riding around in the dark at a local school yard with some small quick single track descents nearby.
Now, I have never ridden a long travel bike, so I dont have anything to compare it to. But I must say, I loved it. the suspension felt bottomless, although I did bottom it out a few times, so I should up the shock pressure (front and rear). It doesnt bob in the rear with normal pedaling, but the front kind of does.
Anyway, first impressions are so far so good.
I also got it for $2700, thanks to a sale at the LBS. will post a pic tomorrow.

My previous bike was an '03 Epic, basically a hardtail.... This bike is way different. I was flying down stairs, rooty trails, and basically anything else I could point the bike at. i was doing all this way faster than I would have on my Epic My confidence level went up 10 clicks, It gave me an invincible feeling, which may not be a good thing... I am thoroughly impressed with this thing.

I also noticed that this bike is incredibly hard to bunnyhop, the suspension just soaks everything up, It was a major effort to hop up a curb. I guess that is a property of these long travel bikes...

I put a thompson post on it that I picked up a few weeks ago at a killer deal ($50!). I am getting a new rear wheel built (king hub, XTR cassette) and I will use the one that came on the Expert (cheesy DEORE level) as a spare. Anyway, heading to Moab in March, so I better get used to it very soon.

its tomorrow now, so here are some pics:
I just stare at it, it looks phenomonal.

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