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I have a '06 Yeti 575

I 'had' older XT hydros on it but recently changed to XT M775 calipers with XTR M970 levers and XTR 180mm rotors. I have about 10 rides on this setup and its been doing it from day one. When I'm pedaling everything is fine but when I stop pedaling and coast/freewheel I get a vibrating squeal only in the rear, front is fine. I touch the lever and add a little pressure it stops but when I release the lever it starts again. I can start pedaling and it it stops too. I stopped on the trail today and spread the pad spring really wide and re-inserted the pads, this worked for a little while then it started again lightly. The brakes and rotor are centered...................

ANY IDEAS????????????
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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