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So on Thursday night I did a solo night ride to see how the studs would work. The ride was cold (15 degrees or so) and practically all on ice - a decidely winter ride.

Friday my wife and I go do a little swamp riding ( Truly a winter wonder.

Today I met DNA down in the southern part of the state. It started out around 30 deg and was up in the forties by the time we finished. No snow on the ground. I was hot and contemplating just riding in shorts. It felt a lot more like a beginning of Spring ride rather than a winter one. Conditions were awesome, frozen hard ground, a bit of ice and a few puddles, but overall a really nice time.

We saw MDEnvEngr and his buds out there - they looked a lot more serious than we were. One guy on a rigid, yikes, I would be hurting on a rigid bike riding this place.

1,2,3) Me on successively more difficult moves (3 is MDTIL - more difficult than it looks)

4) DNA on a nasty log - too much danger in the event of failure for me!

5) DNA - Mr. "I'm nursing a broken rib so I don't want to do anything big"... LIAR!

Happy Holiday everyone!


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The shot on the left was taken in the summer and the shot on the right was taken today
but man, I had to shrink-wrap the image to get it to load. It will prolly look like shhhhhhhh.
Nice Ride today.


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Nice pictures &

both those shots look awesome!

Could you blow those up or print them on something a little larger than what they are...4x6 or 6x8 side by side like that? I'll frame that and put it on my wall :p

I'm in CT too btw (

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