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Had my road bike ripped off at the LA Fitness at Broadway/Wilmot. Was a bad idea leaving it there, thought it would be alright for 20 minutes with a cable lock. Guess not...

Bike is:

Red/White Van Dessel Campitello 58cm
Forte Titan rear wheel/Xero front wheel with Gatorskins on both
Flat Bar with Ergo grips, long stem, First-gen XTR canti levers and shifter pods
Older Shimano Ultegra (first hollowtech gen I think) cranks, 8x2, XTR rear der.
Selle San Marco Island seat

Was stolen a little while ago, just thought I'd wait a bit before blowing up the boards and CL this time. Not holding out a lot of chance of recovery, just hoping people keep eyes open and let me know if they spot it.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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