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A buddy of mine ditched his ASX and just bought a gently used 05 7Point7 frame after I told him they don't sell the 7Point at Dick's (and by letting him ride mine). I pointed out, "you can't afford a Sunday, so give mine a good caning down the trail and you'll probably like it".

And lo somewhere between that point and the point when he two wheel drifted it into a tree at 30mph, catapulted himself off the bike, and tore the derailleur off into the rear wheel he decided he liked it enough to buy one.

So another 7Point rider we have won over I suspect. He's building it up with a 7" Boxxer and 5th Element rear for shuttling and downhilling.

I plan to ride it and crash it at least once so we're even. ;)

I am the rider mentioned here. My Yeti is fast and handles great on the trails I ride but has a very high BB and does not like the steep stuff. I had the chance to ride HBT's and it felt very low and fast. I will keep you guys posted on the build up and shake down runs.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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