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Another 2009 reflection! (Lotsa pics!)

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Not the first of these threads, and not the last I bet.... Trails near me are all ice bound after one of the snowiest/ iciest winters I can remember for a while. Not going to give descriptions just gonna let the pics do that for me hopefully:)

Snow at each end of the year, and pretty much in order through the year, not necessarily my best shots, but a good reflection on the years riding.
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Looks like the British Isles. Scotland or England?

Sweet Singular. Looks like vertical dropouts. Are you running a chain tensioner or does it have a eccectric bb?
It is nice to see so much open space in the UK. We tend to think of it as very populated down here. To be honest though, from living in England a bit as a kid, there was more public access to the country there than in Australia
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