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Hey Y'all,

I just pulled the trigger on a new frame and have as yet to decide on its finish. It's either going to be anodized (bead blast + ano + polish = just like Santa Cruz) or powdercoated.

Am wondering how satisfied you ano folks are with your frame's wear and tear over time. I'm especially interested to hear from those of you that are riding newer frames that are NOT black.

Powdercoated frames can always be re-done, but I've never heard of anyone re-anodizing a worn/scratched frame.

Given your choice of an anodized frame, would you opt for it again?


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here goes:
Ano is more durable, lighter and looks meaner. It is harder to fix scratches though (properly).
Polsihed is nice (but u have to polish a bit) Mothers Polish....
Powdercoat so so: looks good when new, but not so good when old (but u can get it redone).

Speaking from my experience.
My Free's ano is very good and appears to be very durable
My Chameleon Polish is nice
My other Chameleons Powder (black) shows some scratches - also had a trans red Bullit once .... same thing shows small scratches after a while.
My Nomads ano seems good so far (not had long)
My Blur LT ano seemed a bit thin (small section near HT not 100% right) and cable rub in 3 places... I only had this bike 3 months

So a bit hit and miss if u get ano....

Hope that helps

FYI if u do get black ano it looks mean and you can use a black permanent marker to 'fix up' any scratches very fast.... Although black anos do show dirt easy

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Ano is the way to go.

get it and forget it. I swear the dried mud and dirt just falls right off of it. It's durable, lightweight, and super easy to clean.
I had a ano superlight for a couple tears and know I'm building up a Ano nomad. In the future if I ever have a choice I woould always choose Ano over paint.

Good Luck,

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