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Annadel gearing for SS NewB?

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I am visiting my parents in Santa Rosa for XMAS. I was blessed with growing up next to the trailhead on Park Trail Drive. Anyways, I just started SSing in TX a couple of months ago. I am currently running a 32:18 & I think I would like to switch to 32:16, however, it is much flatter here than Annadel. Just wondering what NorCal SSers run for Annadel.

Thanks for any info.
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I have not riden SS there, but rode there in July on a business trip. I was on my geared travel bike, and had a blast. Great trails with a lot of variety. Lots of trails too, we were in there for like 3 hours, and left a bunch of trails for next time. It was really hot there in July, and a dip in the reservoir felt great after that climb! If I were to ride my SS there, which I might next July, I would be a wimp and ride like a 32:20 or something. There are some pretty long climbs, and I would hate to have to walk most of them! Have fun, and let us know how it goes.

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