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Plim said:
I guess I won't tell you I'm slacking tomorrow then. Nope. You won't know I'm going to spend the day out on the trails.
Have fun slacking at Coe today Plim. I wish I could join you two.

Dan- Thanks for the post! I'm looking forward to the 2nd attempt at Annadel. Bring extra layers this time would you? There will be lots of waiting around. ;)


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w00t! said:
The last time you started one of these, you and your posse took off before I got there, way before the official start time. :skep:

Nonetheless, I'm in. :)
Well, tell me what time you want to start then be there 1/2 hour earlier this time :rolleyes::D

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Depending on weather and start time, I'll plan on being there and I am sure I can find at least one or two other willing accomplices. Shoot for say, 10:00 this time instead of 9:00? Kiinda brutal to get out on the road early on a real "day off" - besides, it doesn't even get halfway resembling anything "warm" until 10 or later!

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I'm a tentative maybe. I'm expecting Santa to bring me a hot triathlete and I may not let him up for air before then. ;-) and/or if it's dumping I'll be transitioning into my winter snowboarding gear so I'm pulling a non-commital maybe on this one.

Why not Demo or Santa Cruz? They are more fun than Annadel.
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