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Andreani Pro Impact polymer suspension spacers

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I came across the Andreani Pro Impact and find it interesting. Reminds me of the Formula Nepos polymer volume spacers. These replace the hard plastic volume spacers and fill most of the volume of the forks air spring. I am thinking about trying this on my 21 Fox 36. The kits are comprised of different densities of foam to change the feel of the air spring. Because they take up a lot of volume, one of the selling points is that you can use much lower air pressure. "... The consistency given by the polymers will permit to use a less inflating pressure of the fork positive chamber (on air forks) or to use a spring with less elastic constant (on spring coiled forks) maintaining same forces as static level."

They describe the technology as
"The PRO-IMPACT system is born to allow to easily tune MTB front forks, from 32 to 36mm, by optimizing their functionality according to the different terrains and riding styles. This kit – the result of years of studies on the interaction between air and polymers – permits to modify the progression curve and the fork dampening speed in compression and rebound, and to have a more constant functionality of the fork during high intensity and prolonged over time uses. The PRO-IMPACT main feature is the fork air chamber volume dynamic reduction that permits to have a dampening that cancels any kind of vibration you might have on handlebars, maintaining the correct bicycle setting. The purpose of this product is to increase the riding comfort and maintain the tire in constant contact with the ground, increasing grip and handling. "

Anyone try something like this? Price is not too bad to give it a try and since it's foam, it should not damage the air chamber.

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Haven't tried this one, but back in the day of elastomer forks the temperature sensitivity was a big problem.
I have a set and just tested it in -10 degrees. It still works but it feels like you have +40 psi in your air chamber so it does react to temperature. That being said, no suspension works well in these conditions. I had Neopos before on my Formula fork, these did degrade after time and needed to be changed yearly as they tend to swell and leave a bit of foam residue inside the air chamber. I guess it will be the same thing with these, although these feel different and also will be used in a different way.
They do recommend lowering psi 10-20 psi from your usual liking. Depending on preference they have 3 different options, linear, progressive, aggressively progressive.

I have them for sale, if you have any questions feel free to shoot me a message.

Thank you,

I hope they are better than the Formula attempt, which didn't do much of anything once aired up.
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They are a sort of cheap version of the dual positive chamber systems, to flatten a bit the spring curve... The formula neopos are supposed to do a completely different thing.
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