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Its only 1" on the map!
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So yesterday I decided to adventure a little further up Anderson Truck Trail than I normally do with Aquaholic, Tim, and Mondo opened up school for me and showed me all the "lines" (I use that word loosely here) I used the ride as more of a scouting trip than a see what I can do ride. Airtime has never been something I have been comfortable with so some of this stuff was downright scarely. I did manage ride enough of the stunts to build a little confidence in my new long legged ride (Specialized Enduro Pro). I think the extra climbing needed to get up to here is going to become the routine. Here are a few pics from the "show" the rest of the guys put on.

Some chunky stuff awaits below.

Steve gets a little airtime.

Mondo with a little airtime

Aquaholic rolls down a huge rock.

Tim takes an interesting line off a big rock.

One full-face helmet fully paying for itself. He was shaken up pretty good, but alright.

You can find the rest of the pictures here.

"Ride Lots" - Eddie Mercx
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there's been a way around

Pain Freak said:
whats the latest on Billy Bobcat , Mr Trail destroyer? Is the trail open again?
the wall for quite some time.

rumor has it that following the fires he was tagged with a rather large fine for blocking access to a fire road but I've never gotten an official statement. from what I know the controversy has sort of stabilized at least. he has agreed to despise us and we him but no major conflict that i've been aware of for some time..........


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Looks fun!

Hey guys, that place looks fun. I recently moved to SoCal and have been looking for places to ride. I live in Murrieta have been trying to put some time into making Superman ride able again. I also found an abandon DH trail dropping off Ortega Hwy into Lake Elsinore, been putting some work into this as well. I have heard things about good riding off of Anderson Truck Trail, haven't found it yet, ill have to go look closer.

shred the gnar...

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