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Anderson Truck Trail in California for Christmas

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Did my first ride while on Christmas Vacation at families home in San Diego County....Anderson Truck Trail a very talked about "epic" ride...well it was ceratainly different but I wouldn't rank it in my top ten....the majority portion of the trail is an old 4x4 jeep's pretty much rutted out to much for 4x4ing Im sure, but other than a long climb up and too quick of a ride back down....the top did have some fun rocks to "huck" from and some steep stuff, but didn't blow my mind...Gambrill would make those that like this trail sh*&....beautiful scenery though from this elevation and lack of vegitation....Not complaining, at least Im not trying to ride in 2' of snow...:D

Tomorrow going to do Noble Canyon, thats suppose to be A LOT LONGER!!!

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Very nice Ed! Have fun in Cali.
Yesterday was only a high of and all the way to sunday each day is a high of 66...:D Going to do Noble Trail today, which has views of the desert to one side and the ocean to the other, hoping it'll be sweeet....the uphill today is suppose to be approx 6 to 8 miles, the down should be AWESOME....
You lucky dawg, you. Check out the Patapsco Photo Thread for pics I just took during lunch. See what you missed ... lol.
Public Disservice


Sorry, if this comes off as I'm badgering you...but, once again you really shortchanged yourself on this ride. It's like you're doing reviews of really fine restaruants, and ordering the least popular meals on the menu.

It sounds like you only climbed up to 4 corners (the big flat, helo pad) and then headed back down?

If, so you totally missed out (again) on all of the good stuff.


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Well next trip out I'll have to contact ya and shuttle there...thanks.
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