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And This is Why You Wear A Helmet

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Chumba15 said:
and this is why you wear a helmet[/QUOTE] especially when learning how to ride a bike
08nwsula said:
especially when learning how to ride a bike
Yup, kinda felt bad for him but the scream just made me laugh.
Lot's of thing in life are funny when they don't happen to you and that's one of them. Still that sucks.
The slow motion scream was eery, but funny.
yikes very scary and funny too
not sure whats more disturbing/ridiculous - the guys scream after he eats the driveway or his sorry attempt at a wheelie drop from the bed of the truck
I work as a nurse, had kid come in for the same thing, now he's paralyzed.....crazy
i did like the one comment about how he had to pick the one cement spot in a sea of soft grass.
That was the most monotone "you alright?" I've ever heard.
BTW: I saw a helmet ad right after the video.
The sound of his face slapping the concrete is disturbing.

I know I shouldnt... but I cant help but laugh when he squeals like a stuck pig.
Tisk Tisk Tisk.

I'm not suprised at this but more or less suprised at how many stupid people there are
and that there is a majority of them with cameras.
the piggy sound killed me. It woke my dog up and she gave the WFT is that head to the side thing.
I find no humor in that at all. That kid could have got killed.
rep_1969 said:
I find no humor in that at all. That kind could have got killed.
I have to agree, I don't find people in pain funny at all. That said, he's have been perfectly fine if he'd been wearing a full face helmet. Helmets protect you in situations exactly like that and he should have been wearing one, especially if he didn't have that much confidence. Hopefully he's OK and hopefully now wears a helmet.
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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