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This past weekend Migz and I set out for a little point-to-point ride.
We started the ride down a paved path, past the herd of Elk.

Shortly, we hit the fireroad and the climbing began. The sky was cloudy
and the forecast was for rain, but so far, just overcast and the perfect temperature
for a good ride. About half way up we gave the steeds a little rest while we looked
at some potential singletrack.

More climbing, and then some snowbank trudging until we reached the top, let's get ready for a the decent.

We decended for a while and passed a couple of old cabins.

After some up and down it was time for lunch. This looked like a good spot
to eat some snacks and a sandwich.

It was starting to get cold, so it was time to put on the plastic and continue
to head down. Soon we came to a little bridge crossing.

Then we hit the another bridge. Migz gave a little class on how to get on,
ride, and get off the log-bridge. Very cool, I'll take it by foot thanks...

Then we rode/hiked to get to this nice high mountain meadow. From here we looked
and looked for a Migz singletrack. After a while it was starting to look bleak, both
in terms of the weather and finding a way off the mountain.

Then the snow started falling, two hours of riding in the snow lead us to our
final destination. The pics were no longer a priority, getting warm was :)

Unfortunately, the point-to-point, turned into a BIG loop. Overall it was a great ride
7.5 hours of singlespeeding. I ate continuously for the next 3 days, with a smile
on my face the entire time.

Young, Shawn Young
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An 8 hour ride is a bit long for my tastes but that looks like a great place to ride:)

single track ****
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great write up

and pics- that was too fun. We'll have to get another big one going sometime soon. Rode this morning, and saw a couple hundred elk, one turkey, and a coyote. Was a great way to start the day:)

Bad Case of the Mondays
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Well I can assure you it didn't look like this today...

LOADS of snow, we put down the freshies (footprints not bike tracks) up there this morning. Still haven't ridden here, only hiked...

And here is today's shot. Not the exact bridge, slightly down trail from it but you get the idea...

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