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2008 has been a damn good year for me. Lots of good people, good times, good adventures. Success and fulfillment on the trail, at work, and in school (1/4 done!, until I go for the PhD). Reflecting on the blog a minute ago, I realized that I only DNF'd two major races/trips this year; one due to an overuse injury, the other a mechanical. There is a lot to be said for always finishing what you start, unless doing so would be really stupid and destructive.

Thanks to all on the AZ board who came along for parts of the journey. Wouldn't have been close to the same without ya. Special mention to Mr. Brown, whom I miss dearly. Also to Max and Scott, my Bday trip next year will have hard time toping this years. And to everyone else; good people!

I miss Arizona, but real winter is a treat to be savored. Skiing the trails I rode this fall, this morning:


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