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Amount of expansion for Mineral Oil vs Hydraulic Fluid

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How much does mineral oil expand vs hydraulic fluid? I have XT 775 discs and had a problem with dragging brake pads when the brakes got hot. I seem to have mostly fixed the problem by bleeding out some brake fluid. Will mineral oil expand enough to cause pads to drag?
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I also have XT 775 discs...I changed from Shimano Mineral Oil to Pentosin... HUGE improvement in stopping power.

I had the same issue with my XT's rubbing a bit initially, after switch they are great. No rub. Whether or not it is related to the fluid I dont know.
Yes, but its only temporary and is much friendlier than corrosive DoT fluid. My XTR M965 did it - but when I upgraded to lighter, Magura Marta SL....the issue was non-existant. Magura rules!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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