2017 Sea Otter Classic

American Classic Smokin' Gun

American Classic's Smokin' Gun is an aluminum "mini plus" 27.5 or 29er wheelset made for riders using 2.5" or wider tires.​

In 1982 Bill Shook founded American Classic, developing wheels, seatposts, water bottle cages and many other cycling components in the subsequent three and a half decades. At Sea Otter 2017, Shook showed off American Classic's new Smokin' Gun 27.5 and 29er mountain bike wheels.

Aimed at riders using 2.5" or wider tires, Shook calls the rim a "mini plus" design thanks to its 40mm internal width. Unlike the carbon rims used by American Classic, the Florida company's tubeless-ready aluminum rims utilize a small hook bead to help better retain tires and ease set up.

American Classic Smokin' Gun

Internal width is 40mm, great for supporting larger tire treads.​

The Smokin' Gun rims are laced to American Classic hubs, with 142x12 and 148x12 boost rear options and 100x15 and 110x15 boost front options. Shimano and XD drivers are available.

American Classic Smokin' Gun

Notice the space between the rotor flange and the spoke flange. Moving the non-driveside flange inboard evens spoke tension side to side.​

The boost rear hub is unique with a narrower set of flanges that offer a more symmetrical bracing angle side to side. This keeps spoke tension closer to even between driveside and non-driveside spokes. As the wheel rotates, and spokes are dynamically loaded and unloaded, making the wheel stiffer under the rider. According to Shook this leads to better performance on the trail and increased durability.

The Smokin' Guns are available now and sell for $899 for the pair. Weights are a claimed 830 grams for the front and 956 grams for the rear.

American Classic Smokin' Gun

Available now, the Smokin' Gun wheelset sells for $899.​

For current American Classic mountain bike wheel owners, Shook is also offering a boost conversion kit that takes 100x15 and 142x12 hubs to the wider standard. With a new axle, a disc rotor spacer, and longer rotors bolts, it's a nod to the company's loyal customers. If you have a set, check the serial numbers. D, E, F, and G series wheels can be upgraded for $35 per wheel.

For more information head to amclassic.com.

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