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AM/XC wheelset

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Whats a good target weight I should look for in a XC/AM wheelset? my current set up is generic rims/hubs (no names) with Conti Mountian Kings 2.4 tires and the whole set weighs around 13lbs. the tires are brand new so I kinda dont want to get new ones for now. On they have Shimano saint hubs laced with DT spokes to Sun rhyno Lite rims for only $99, would that set up be decent? I run a Cdale prophe as well. Thanks for your time.
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Depends a whole heep....

on your budget. A good solid AM wheel set can weigh as little as 1700g. That's hubs, rims, spokes and nipples. But it'll cost you considerably more than $99. There's an old worn out adage that goes, "Cheap, Light, Strong, pick two". And when it comes to bike components it is very true and valid. Strong and cheap, which the Saint/Rhyno wheels certianly are, won't be light, which they certainly aren't. Bottom line is, your budget will determine your "target weight". By the way, your total wheel assembly weight isn't a real good indication of what your wheels weigh. Published wheel weights are for the hub, rim, spokes and nipples. So if you feel the need to compare and want the comparison to be realavent, remove the tires, tubes, rim tape, cassette and then weigh your wheels. That will give you a relavent comparison between wheel sets.

So whatcha wanna spend? A $99 wheelset won't likely be lighter than what your running now. And depending on your current wheelset it might even be heavier.

Good Dirt
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Thanks for your reply, I see what you mean by the whole wheelset weight not being with the extras. I'm not a weight weenie but was just throwing out ideas to get less rotating mass, i mean my bike comes in at around 33'lbs wich isnt bad for a AM. i just know i could prob drop some weight in the wheels.
I can't tell you what a good weight is not knowing the size if your retirement fund but I can report that I have similar sized high end hand built wheels and Transition Revolution 28s and I'm happy with the latter as far as not breaking the bank, scale and not breaking. I've been happy with all the stuff and the customer service I've had from Transition Bikes.
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