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AM roadtrip - from VA - to ???? roll call!!

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I just got my first FS bike (AM - Scott Ransom...yeah, it already put the hurtin on me...concussion and broken rib...but man, was I having fun)

Anyway, coming from XC - I just ordered The collective and Roam and I'm jonesin to do a road trip to BC or Moab. Never been - just seeing if anyone on here is from that area - and/or would want to join in on a trip - I am toying with the idea of buying a cheap RV and cruisin out for a couple of weeks. I sold my house and spent all of the equity on my new bike..haha...gotta have priorities...but I might get a VW Camper or some small class C..depends....we'll see how much more rope the credit card company will give me to hang myself...haha.

Anyway, if there is anyone that wants to perhaps join forces - I'm down!! I'm a fairly decent rider...getting back in shape - 140lbs soakin wet so yes, I can climb decent. Just looking for someone to show me some trails or get lost with me somewhere (wow, that sounds gay....and no I'm not gay..haha)

Would love to basically recreate for myself the ROAM video - live!! but without the cameras....ok, you can bring a camera but I get a cut of the proffits from all my crash footage...haha..

Holla back if you have suggestions on making this type of journey or want or know of anything going on (ralleys, convoys, etc.) -

Keep the rubber side down...
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