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AM riding and climbing, Jasper area

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I'm going to be up from Oregon to the Jasper area for a family vacation the last two weeks of July. The first priority is climbing Brussels Peak (near Mt. Christie/Fryatt Creek), which my grandfather did the first ascent of in 1948. I'm prepared and will have gear to lead some or all of the climb (5.7 multi-pitch), but am looking for a partner or two. Right around the weekend of July 22nd would be the best. Any climbers here?

Will also be bringing my MTB and hope to get out for a few rides, probably half-day or less since I need to entertain the family as well. What are the best trails right near Jasper, or camping and biking areas that I should hit on my way up from Washington, or down through northern Idaho?

If anyone is coming down to Hood River, Oregon, for Post Canyon, I'd be glad to return the favor!
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I lived in Jasper and there are amazing trails around there. If you have a few hours then you should ride the Valley of the 5 lakes. It is beautiful and no to techinal. but just go to the local bike hsop and they will be more then happy ot tell you how to get to that trail or give you suggestions on which ones to also ride up the rode to Pryiamid Lake and then ride the trails down..super fun and fast...have a good trip. K
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