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Am I Screwed?

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I have a 1993 Stumpjumper that is in need of some new wheels. It has a 7 speed drivetrain that I would like to keep intact. I believe the rear spacing is 130mm. Are there still wheels available or can the spacing be tweaked to accomodate the 135mm size hub? I am unaware of what options are available for this scenario.
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I have an early 90's Stumpy and it's spaced for 135mm hubs. A '93 is in all likeness spaced the same. May want to post the question on the vintage forum. Or you could measure the width of your hub to be sure.

If your hubs are not toasted, you can just get new rims and have them laced on your current hubs. If your hubs are toasted, you'll need to find a 7speed hub. I don't think there are a lot high quality made anymore. On second thought, I think that you can fit a 7speed cassette on a 8-9speed hub with spacers. Try, I'm pretty sure they stock 7speed stuff.
It should be 135mm. Pull the rear wheel and measure the dropout width (inside).
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