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Hey all. I'm getting ready to put a bigger chainring on my '19 Giant Anthem. It came with a Truvativ Stylo crankset. Bike came from The Pro's Closet, slightly used. I'm thinking the 'cap' that covers the extractor bolt with the 8mm hex head is missing. Just want to make sure. There is enough confusion between this, SRAM, and Dub models that I'm not exactly sure.



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Yes you are. I don't know why they don't put blue locktite on those. When I went to change my buddies bike from Sram NX to Shimano XT his was missing. I went to the LBS to get one so That I could swap out the BB and cranks. He made the comment that he should probably start carrying them as I was the fifth person to ask for one. I had to order one for the ridiculous price of $25 on Amazon just so I could complete the job. I have since found four of them on the trails in less than six months of riding. If you need one just PM me and I'll send you one.
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