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Finally finished the Heckler the other day. What a long, drawn out process that was. Funny story really but I'll fill you in after the pics. Here it is...
Bicycle tire Tire Bicycle frame Bicycle wheel rim Bicycle wheel

Bicycle wheel Bicycle tire Bicycle wheel rim Bicycle frame Grass

Bicycle tire Bicycle accessory Bicycle part Automotive tire Tread

Built up as a Heckler, size large, Silver Anodized
RockShox PIKE 454 Dual Air (which I have a question about for any users later on)
Chris King Headset
Easton Monkey Lites XC (Low rise)
Thompson 90mm Stem
Avid Juicy 7's (160mm) w/ black Goodridge Brake Lines
ODI Rouge Lock Ons
SRAM X9 shifters w/ Nokon Cables
SRAM X0 rear derailluer
XTR front derailluer
Race Face Deus Cranks
Crank Bros Candy's
Mavic 819's UST laced to Chris King ISO Navy Blue Hubs - Built by Gravy / Paradigm
Nokian NXB 2.3 UST in the front
Kenda Nevegal 2.1 UST on the rear (both tubeless)
Maverick Speedball seat post
Specialized Avatar saddle

It was fun building it though. It's like a hobby. Evey bolt was greased going in, every one torqued at the proper amount. There's something to be said about building a bike up, from the frame up, shopping for parts, waiting for the mail truck. Late nights wrenching on it, cussing and throwing stuff. But that first climb, when you shift and it's perfect and it runs flawlessly, it feels great. Or that first little jump you take it over and it nails it just fine and the brakes work. Pretty rewarding. Still need to dial in the suspension but overall it's going to be nice. BTW, about that question on the PIKE...

My question on the PIKE is I have more air in the NEG chamber than in the POS. After having the fork @ 110mm for a climb, then winding it back out to full travel, it only extends to like 136mm or so. This is without sag, not even sitting on the bike. In fact, just the weight of the bike will cause a little sag in the fork. Now if I put more air in the POS chamber (firmer ride) the fork will pop out to it's advertised 140mm of travel with no problem. Is this normal or no?

Now for that story. This is actually my 2nd "new" Heckler. I found a beautiful anodized silver Heckler on MTBR classifieds that was in awesome shape. Piece for piece the components were either exact parts or close enough parts on what I was riding (2004 S-WORKS Enduro). My plan was to swap over what I wanted keep (color speaking) and sell the Enduro to cover the cost of the mid life bike swap. Here's a pic of the 1st Heckler:
Tire Bicycle wheel Bicycle tire Wheel Bicycle wheel rim

My whole plan was to make this thing as light as possible but burly enough too. I had to get rid of the 5th Element for a DHX Air I won on eBay (at a steal) and beef up the fork to at least 140mm and with a 20mm. This meant a new wheel build too. Yeah more money. So I am in Germany and it takes forever and a day to finally get the bike & all the parts. I am nervous because I read on mtbr after buying both bike and shock, that DHX Air may or may not fit on Hecklers. It finally arrives doesn't fit! Dang it! :mad: Never one to just scrap a plan so instead of just accepting it, I sell that frame on eBay (never even rode that one) and the shock to my buddy. He has a Heckler and it fit his with no problem. Now I am out a shock and a frame but made enough to buy a new Heckler frame with the DHX Air. Still on the Enduro and in the mean time, all the new parts (fork, wheel, tires etc etc are coming in)

Order a new frame from CBO with the DHX Air on it. Gets here wicked fast and I am back in business. Nope! Longer travel fork, longer head tube, front brake line is too short! I still can't ride this thing. :madman:
So I order a new line kit from Mountain High Cyclery (thanks Larry) and finally get those on and bled. But my time ran out. Would you believe the freakin day after I finish the build, I have my scheduled vasectomy that I've been scheduled for like 2 months. So I only got to ride the thing once and am off it for about another week. What luck eh?

BTW, I love the silver anodized color but couldn't hang with the Asian foreign flag on the back where it was born. (No offense) Especially since the original Heckler and a cool American flag on the back and my wife's Juilana has cool American / Asian flag on the back. So Spidey came to the resuce via my 3 year old. The only things kept from the 1st Heckler were the cranks, pedals, and rear skewer. The rest either came off the Enduro or is new.

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The bike is my dream bike...everything from suspension to shifters to brakes...nice.

The problem with the Pike is not a problem. Adding more negative air pressure makes the fork loose travel but it'll be more sensative to small bumps. My Reba U-turn does the same thing.

It stinks that the DHX did not fit...and it's odd how your friend got his to fit. It also stinks that you can't ride that beast, but that day will come where you'll be flying up and down stuff faster than anyone. Cool build!

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Thanks for the compliment. I'm pretty happy with it and there's nothing I would change. I wanted a simplistic bike that was rugged and light. I think I got it. Good to hear about the PIKE's extension problem isn't really a problem but sounds normal.

BTW, the DHX Air fit on my friend's Heckler because his frame had a dimple under his top tube where the front mount is for the shock. Both Hecklers were the same size, same graphics, but his had the dimple and mine did not. That dimple allows for enough room to fit the Air. Without it, I was about 1 - 2mm off. Santa Cruz doesn't make model years, they just introduce changes as they come which must have been the case in ours. His was built probably a few months after mine and came with the dimple. For the record, the new frame I have that came with the DHX Air has no dimple at all and more space than his with the dimple. So they must have changed something in the mount / weld.

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Really nice bike. Lots of great looking Hecklers on the site lately!
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