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We'll we hooked up with Sam (U2metoo) and did National this morning. I about died on the way up, the heat/humidity and general lack of fitness made for one of the slowest climbs up that hill that I can remember doing.

Lost my line on the way down and took a spill off the side of the trail on a very steep area. Ended up launching over the small cactus, thankfully, but landed head long down the slope, on my back, in the jagged rocks (what else is there?). In the past I've always landed on my Camelbak but on this trip I did not have the upper strap secured (or lower for that matter) as it broke last week. The pack made it's way up behind my head and my back took the brunt of the fall. The scrapes aren't so bad but that cut seems to be a 1/4 inch wide and somewhat deep. Good thing I have been saving up a little back-fat.

Fun times.


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