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(photo by polishtea from June 2019)

The last 2019 shuttle FUNdraiser for Alsea Falls trail building and maintenance is now live. Get your tickets before it sells out! June went really well; shuttles ran smoothly all day and I got 4 runs in on Sunday with a climb up to Misery Whip each time, and didn't even get on the first cycle of vans to the top.

Prices are discounted right now, and will go up on Friday, August 16th. That's in one week! Tickets sold out in June, so get after it.

The new black diamond trail, Misery Whip, is open and riding great. Shuttles will go up to the landing just below the entrance of Whistlepunk, so there will be a bit of climbing to get to the top of Misery Whip. The extra 400ft of climbing is pretty steep, not as bad as going up behind Highballer, and is definitely worth it.

There have also been a lot of adjustments to lower Highballer and lower Springboard this season, and with recent rains they should be bedded in and rolling fast.

All funds go to the trails!
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