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Howdy Folks,

Da mayorofoakridge reporting on today's events.There has been an abundance of trailwork done these last few weeks and I must say with the snow report from 2 months ago to the trail conditions now , a lot of people have worked hard and it show's. I have never seen the alpine as buff as it is now.This morning Steve S. Peter,and myself went up to buckhead shelter and hike down to the rootwad tree and removed it.It went well and the rootwad fell back into it's original hole,very nice! You will be going to fast past it to notice it was even there.We also touched a corner or two,and then back to the truck.Drove back down to the trailhead and prepared to ride.I have ridden the Alpine a few hundred times and I can say without a doubt that from Jedi down has never been better!! I want to thank everybody for there time and effort on this trail and all the other trails that have seen some work in the last two months.
I thank Scott T. Richard S.Brice,Bruce,Allen,Randy,Eric,Damien,Adam,Laurie,Mac,Eug, and anybody else that has helped out.

Thank you
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