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Alligator Cirrus 160mm on Avid Juicy 7 brake

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I bought the avid juicy seven and 160mm alligator cirrus rotor (both brand new) but I coudnt have a braking power really good . I went to my street and tested the brakes but I needed to much power on finger to brake the wheel.
What could be happening ?
After that, I cleaned the rotor with soap but I couldnt percept any difference.
Would be better change the rotor to standard Avid 160mm ?
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You do have to burn them in. What I find is several super hard stops and then a good wet ride has them burned in very nicely and one finger braking all the way after that. Since I'm a mechanical brake guy any chance that there is air in the lines and need to be bled?
Avids are brand new... no air inside, and both (front and rear) are with no braking power .
Don't always assume that there's no air inside when they're brand new. A lot of the time, factory bleeds can suck and that could be the difference. But juanmoretime is right- break them in first, then make your judgement.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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