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allentown area trails?

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Herrroooo! I am Ari, an avid mountain biker from the beautiful Shenandoah Mountains of western Virginia. I got a Trek Fuel EX 7 last year, and have been logging 100+ miles a week recently. Some road riding, lots of techical ridge riding, decent fireroad climbs, pump tracks (aka berms), etc....

I'll be visiting family in Allentown this weekend, and wanted to make sure that my plans will highlight what the area has to offer. I will have limited time to ride, so I am looking at trails in the immediate Allentown area.

Looks like the Salisbury trails will be best for riding close to the 'downtown' area... Looking forward to tight singletrack, rock gardens, and ??? I assume there is no huge elevation gain here.... Any recommended routes and places to park? I wouldn't mind riding in to the trails, rather than parking right at the trailhead...

The other place in the immediate Allentown area I may check out is Bear Creek. Can't find any info about the trails, but people seem to like them. The length of one 'loop' seems pretty short- but is there any ridgeline riding, fun dh sections, jumps, etc? Also, I couldn't find a map for these trails, but I know I have to check in and sign a waiver anyway, so they'll probably have maps?

Thanks in advance for the help in finding good trails to ride... Looks like rain is in the forecast for tomorrow, so I hope that works out too.
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Check out - there is a trail finder section that will answer all your questions. There is plenty of riding in the immediate area!
Salsbury Walking Purchase Park -A.K.A Dobson Park sounds right up your alley - check bikevmb. Check a map, the trails are located behind St. Luke's Hospital in Fountain Hill, along the Lehigh river.
In between those two trail systems is South Mountain Emmaus. Use the Alpine St trailhead.
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