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Got this message. Makes me a little worried...
They asked me to cancel the check I sent in July and write a new one minus the stop payment fees... I'm doing it. Hopefully the course is more organized than the fee collection.


In our countdown to this year's 24 HOURS OF ALLAMUCHY,
we have found a number of team and individual entries
in our registration database for which we need more

Yours is one of them.

We have you listed as registering (or attempting to
register) a relay team or solo rider. Can you help us
by providing more information?

(1) Can you confirm that you intend to enter either a
Solo or a relay team in this year's 24 Hours of
Allamuchy Mountain Bike Race?

(2) If so, can you please confirm which: Solo,
2-person, Tandem, 4-person, 5-person, or Corporate

(3) Did you decide not to make any entry to the 2004
race, and should we remove your name and contact
information from our database?

(4) If you did intend to make an entry, our records
indicate that, as of Aug. 9, we have not yet received
payment for your entry. Please let us know if your
check is in the mail, or if you will be making payment
by the Aug. 16 late fee deadline.

Thanks for taking the time to respond and clarify.

-Dan & Paul,
Race Directors, 11th Annual 24 Hours of Allamuchy
[email protected]

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I got the same email. But it was my fault. I had started a registration online, but never completed it. I sent an email stating my team name and payment date and they cleared it up.

I must say, the online registration is not the most robust application, but it did get the job done and was still easier than mailing in the registration form.

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pay pal costs 25 bucks!

I register'd my team online and clicked to the paypal site to pay, not MY PAL for 25 bucks! I sent the check in by mail (to arrive after the late registration date, even though registered on 8/15)

They have responded t omost of my emails to date. Wish I could check if I'm registratered online though...

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