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Team of three paid-up is looking for a 4th.

Goal would be to register before the next fee increase on 1-July. -
just a few days from now.

(I have a team set for the Killington-24 and it's coming up quick.
I'd like Allamuchy set now so I can just think about Killington.)

I'll cover the regi fee to make the deadline for a sincere Mr. 4th
as long as Mr. 4th agrees to pay me back soonest.

4-Man team wide range of ages/abilities.
Mid-Pack is reasonable expectation.
If your out for blood/poduim - it's not gonna be with us.
If you've never done a 24-hr race before, here is your chance.

Allamuchy is Aug 22/23/24 this year

- Reply here on this thread
- PM me
- email me - [email protected]
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