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Allaire TM 2006 Thanks

Well it's my turn to thank ALL you great folks for dedicating your time ,and energy to help build, and maintain the great trails we have, not only at Allaire (just a little biased :D ), but throughout New Jersey. Trail maintenance volunteerism from the MTB community is increasing all the time and I can't thank you all enough. Last year (2005)at Allaire we had 155 hours volunteered. This year we had 276 hrs eventhough we had to cancel 3 session because of rain.
We had an additional 108 hrs, thanks to all of you who joined us for the IMBA Trail Care Crew visit. That's 384 hrs of trail maintenance and building for Allaire. Allaire also got credited for the 80 hrs volunteered for our 2 Beginners Skills Clinics. We also hosted a National MTB Patrol training class this year.We had a lot of great things happen this year and I hope to carry this momentum on for 2007. Thanks again.
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