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all mountain shirt designs

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looking for any imput from some all mountain singletrack riders. Any ideas for some new t shirt ideas are appreciated. We just put the sight up and really want some feedback so we can make things grow. We started out buying used bikes off of craigslist and ditributing them to kids through our lbs but if we get some shirts sold we are going to buy trail worthy hardtails for around $800-$1000 each. help us get kids out of the house and start shredding some singletrack!
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I can ship anywhere in the world. I just need to make arangements for shipping costs, but its no big deal.
sweet i might just pick some up soon...
3/4 sleeves shirts!
man 3/4 shirts are terrible. They look cool until you actually wear it. I feel like I'm wearing one of those super giant white tees. : \
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