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Hi Everybody,

Got problem with my rear wheel.

At this moment I'm using Hope Pro 2 on Alex FD 26 and DT Competition DB spokes wheel. But I'm not very pleased with it, particulary with rim.

So it is time to buy new wheel.

Got two major options:

1. Hope AM 4 Wheel

priced (including disc and breake adapter) around 200quid

For this price you have new, better Hope Pro 3 hub, tripple buted DT SupCom spokes and DT EX 5.1d rim. My doubt is if Hope disc will fit Avid BB7 caliper...

2. Build rim with Hpe Pro 2 hub, Mavic XM 719disc rim and DT Comp spokes. Need to buy new disc.

Priced in total about 190quid

I'd love to put my hands on new Hope hub but read several bad oppinionas about EX 5.1d, that they have soft side walls and are problematic in tyres fitting (I do not consider going tubles, I love my Panas Fire Pro XC in old-fashioned tyre-tube way).

From the other hand I can get what I alredy know very well (Hope Pro 2 hub and maxtal rim) for the penalty of little higher weight.

I'm 179cm tall and 67kg. Old enough to be affarid drops and hard jumping, but like mountains, dynamic descent over the stones, roots etc...

Can you help to choose?


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