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Juding by MTBR's forum description, I ride all mountain. That being said, I was hoping to get some insights or opinions on building an AM HT 29er. I've already picked a complete (Redlinge Monocog Flight- steel, and setup as a 1X9), but I've heard some mumblings on other boards about the fragile nature of 29er hoops. Given my "clydesdale" build (6'3" & 240lbs+), in your opinion what would be the ideal wheelset build? Anything else you might recommend (brake rotor sizing changes, etc.)? I'm riding mainly XC trails, and/with LOTS of stunts (teeters, ramps, drops, A frames, etc.) and some minor DH...

Here's a link to the SS version of the bike. 1X9 is due out in a few months...

*NOTE: Cross-posted from the All-Mountain thread after reccomendation*

Thanks in advance,
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