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I have a Kona Dawg Primo. Only upgrades are Crossmax ST Wheels and a PUSHED shock. The stock brakes are the Hayes 9's. I like these brakes, but on long steep downhills I get brake fade to the point where it gets dangerous. The rear brake is also noisy all the time. I weigh 220 and ride very aggresive. I have been looking at the Juicy 7 and the Ultimates, the Hope Tech M4, and the XT 775. Any feedback or other options is appreciated.
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I have the avid ultimate, and use them for very aggressive riding, and they just dont cut it : (
220: Get big rotors, like 203 up front, and a 183 or so should be sufficient in the back.

M4's are good, Xt's are good, Saints are good, SLX, and so on. If you're talking modulation, the M4 would have it. The Saints are being reported as very powerful and little modulation, but you ride at a higher weight, so it might work out quite well. SLX is once again a bargain for the function.
Keep your brakes and get some good pads and some 203mm rotors.
Anything Shimano SLX-Saint (not XTR), with 180mm rear and 203mm front rotors.
Yep, bigger rotors are key. I'm a lighter guy at 160, but a 180/160 Magura rotor combo keeps my brakes happy on the long downhills (longest I've done was 7 miles, no fade), For you, the bigger rotors already recommended should work well. Don't forget the caliper adapters!
Lovin said:
Anything Shimano SLX-Saint (not XTR), with 180mm rear and 203mm front rotors.
+1 on that.....SLX has crazy stopping power over anything Juicy makes these days. Much more reliable too in my experience.
I am 220 and switched to codes from juicy fives. The stopping power is incredible on these things. I know some people say there is no modulation but I believe that for heavier riders the modulation on the codes is great. Yes, I know there is a little weight penalty but can you really put a price on stopping when you need to....
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