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I have a 05 AM1 that lost all air pressure ( 0 lbs on guage ) during a ride on Saturday. When I got home I put 70 lbs of pressure in it. I let the bike sit overnight and rechecked it in the morning and pressure was 70 lbs exactly. Cool right, well not exactly. 10 minutes into the ride this morning shock was bottomed out again and air pressure at 0.

Conditions both days was cold at about 25 degrees F. Muddy/wet/icy on Sat and snow on Sunday. Both were slow rides because of the conditions.

Has anyone else had or know about a common problem with this fork? Already needed to send fork back for warranty issue with loose stanchion bushings ( 4 weeks ) and I don't want to send it back to Marzocchi AGAIN unless I really need to.


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