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All Hail The Nano!

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Cloxxki has asked for some nominations in various categories. One of those mentioned was a "lifetime achievement for an already legendary product". Is there any debate? The first nomination, and award should go to the Nanoraptor, without which the 29"er movement as we know it would not have ever happened!

Got any other ideas? You are welcome to post, but the contest is already over!

All hail the Nano! :D
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Even with all the other tires that have hit the market the Nano is still my usual go to tire.

Viva El Nano.

WTB Worthy

And don't forget to thank Mark.

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The Nano is a good tire, no doubt about it...although I personally prefer the Exiwolf.

The Exi's little extra weight doesn't worry me, I like the stronger sidewalls and the bigger knobs on the Exi.

However, I agree that the Nano is a very good tire, and probably deserves the award.

I totally agree with the Nanonomination. Nano forever.
me too

Good volume, good traction and fast fast fast. I hope they never stop making them.
I agree with the nomination for the original WIRE BEAD version. It is good. I've spent a fortune on four folding ones which all failed before starting to wear and prove terribly hard to warranty.
I haven't had any issues with my kevlar beaded nano's. I've been running them in some form or another since they were introduced. A true classic. I'll drink to that.
The "tire"

I think some of you are missing the point. The significance of the original Nano (which was wire bead) from 1999 was that it was the first tire to break the ice so to speak. Perhaps another tire would have come along at some point as there were people with enough respect in the industry like Wes Williams and Gary Fisher asking for it and someone with enough sense to listen to them in the form of Mark Slate. But the Nano was it and all other tires came after.

It was the only option available until IRC came out with the Notos which was the stock tire on Fishers bikes in 2001. No matter how many people at that time dissed 29"ers because there were no tire options, suspension options, ad nauseum (which by the way is still a popular shtick to this day) it was a good thing that there were some people that could see the forest through the trees and rode Nano's and forks like NOS Manitou 700c units or else what you are seeing today probably would not have happened.

The fact that the Nano still has a following to this day is pretty darn cool if you think about it. It doesn't really need an award. For that matter there are getting to be too many awards going on here IMNSHO. Riding bikes is not about patting each other on the back.

Also companies hopping on the bus almost 7 years after the fact now that 29" wheels are the buzzword in the hopes of making profits off something that others like Wes sweat blood over is beat, but that's bizness. :rolleyes:
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That's what the "awards" are for

Bigwheel, the fact that some folks miss the point, and you post your wisdom, is pretty much the whole reason for these "awards". Well, that and to have a little fun. :D

It's like a broken arm. You have to tell the story over and over again, ad nauseum, because there is always someone coming around the corner that doesn't "get the point". But, I don't have to tell you that, you've been telling the same stories over and over again since the late nineties, and I'm sure it's frustrating when you see a bunch more "newbies" come around with the same ol misconceptions. I appreciate it when you weigh in, though, so for what it's worth, thanks.

And, yes, I would be remiss for not including Mark on those thank you's. WTB has put alot into this movement.
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