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Our mountain tandem has been a WIP for a couple of years.
Many many many thanks to Alex... Cranks, fork advice along the way.

After getting the finishing touches on the frame bags, we loaded her all up yesterday (Tent, sleeping bags, clothing, tools, spare parts, etc...) and took her out for a shakedown ride. i.e. listen for noises, see how she handles crosswinds, grind out some climbs, do some hard braking with the new 203mm rotors and mounts, etc...

We still need to trim some straps and make a couple of adjustments. The final version will have my water bottle holders on the front fork and a couple of feedbags fitted in somewhere.

all of the pics can be seen onb our regular photo gallery.
Biking and Hiking / Lolly / Loaded | Beth and John Baker's Photo Gallery


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