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Lotsa photos from a great day in the local woods with a mess of weirdos on bikes. Pictures are worth many words, so I'll skip past the speech, and release the photos.

10am cocktail party

Fill 'er up

Steelhead Red

Eric finished some last minute trailwork before the party

Dahoos brought the Barbie bike home to see old friends

Unmitigated tensioner bling
(it really is a singlespeed!)

Group shot

Closer views

Davey preaches to the choir

The ride is on

Boundary trail


DOD lurkers

Shoulder blade

Moto Alley



Rick rides Fungirl

Big Wheels




Tara and Seth


Monkey See

Monkey Do

Tom looks to pass

Eugene from Oakridge in Lorane

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Milt poses while others rest

Steve, Pintpedaler, Snake Meusl and others

Spittin' fixie

Boone on SST

BroccO rides Davey's hardtail

Davey brings up Brock's rear

HankHank Mach 2

Special thanks to Roy and Christa for manning the partywagon, delivering the keg and snacks to a mid-ride destination. Christa is the pretty one (without the mustache)

Lee shows off his helmet hair

Happily hydrating

Bob and Arnie

Beer and Bananna. Paul knows proper nutrition.

BroccOli scores 2nd base

Steve and Candy

Gooch got nutz

Best Friends Forever

And they wait....

Happy Hour

Dirty little Barbie

Somehow sexy (Yeah, I need a girlfriend..:eek: )

Tongue in cheek

Last call

Idle chat

Red Guard;)

Boone and his Nicolai



Mudflaps ablur

Last stragglers at the partywagon


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Mudflaps leads down Stumps Dont Win

Susan chases




Mick catches some air



James is 1st to clean the double log ride

Rick (Nick?) is #2

Eric cleans it

As does Mick

Mick goes both ways

After ride Shwag fest

Guardians of the gravel

Thanks to everyone in the DOD and our sponsors who put forth the effort required to pull off this year's ACM, and to all the old and new friends who came out to join us. I had a blast, and it seems like everyone else did also!:thumbsup:

Lickin Forehead to seeing everyone at "ACM4-Skin" next year, if not sooner, like in Oakridge this summer, or even better, at Barbie Camp in 2.5 months, the first full weekend in April (April 7-8, 2007). :D

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Happy Muddy Days!

Once again a great ride! And another reason to live in Oregon! Great people, suds, schwag and ... the riding was a lot of fun as well.

Thanks Sas for the pics. Thanks Roy & Christa for the mid-ride snacks. A big thanks to everyone for coming into town and getting your groove on!


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Gotta say thanks to all the people that helped put this event together. A special thanks to Eric who was out putting the finishing touches on the log ride the morning of the event.

A super special thanks to all those who didn't Jaybo.

And thanks to the mud gods. See, it's not so bad; sure beats not riding at all.

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