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Aliens, X Post.....

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So my buddy Terry just loves his Aliens, (and old school MTB of all stripes). Perhaps if you ask nicely, he'll post 'em up, I know there's a few around here who appreciate an old school Nishiki....

Anyway, he's finally been bitten by the 29er bug (not VRC relevant, I now) and was playing around with his old FS, and realized he could make it work as a 29. Had to deal with some frame issues (like a hole, long story) and the project moved slowly forward. Then, he made an interesting discovery whilst shopping for some random crap at the local Dicks, the Alien is reborn, and exactly the same as it ever was, numbers wise at least. Got a creaming deal for the whole bike, crap components and all. Stripped and flipped the crap, and bolted on a nice mix of old and new.

The results are something that I don't think they conceived of when they designed the frame BITD, but is a really cool example of how good designs, just never go away, and some, can even have enough flexibility to morph with the times.

Thought he'd appreciate the extra eyeballs, don't know how much play he'll get on the AM forum......

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