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I am trying to figure out what stem to buy for a new bike I am building up for which I have already purchased the hardtail frame. This bike will be used for XC riding and only very occassionaly racing for fun.

Not sure what length and angle I should be considering for the stem. The hardtail is a 20" with a I think a 24" effective top-tube. For what it is worth, on my trailbike, a large (about 19.5" seat tube) with a 23.85" eff top tube, I run a Thomson 110 mm / 15 degree stem with a couple of spacers. Given any of the info, what stem length / angle might I consider for the hardtail I am building up? Since this hardtail will be a XC bike should then the stem be a tad longer with a lesser angle (versus my trailbike)? Please note I do plan to run a low riser bar. Any words of wisdom appreciated.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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