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After debating for at least a year I finally purchased an A8 hub and built it up for my hardtail 29er. I like it, more than I expected to, actually. At around 25 hours of use I puled the guts out and did the ATF dip and packed the wheel bearings with grease. Everything was great until a few weeks ago, after maybe 50-60 hours of use, and then I started getting oil seepage out of the non-drive side. I'm speculating that the oil eventually diluted the grease enough that it let it leak out. That and the temps warmed up enough (I'm in CO) that it all thinned out a bit. It contaminated the brake pads before I caught it. Now I've fashioned a bit of a diaper around the axle/seal area to avoid the migration to the rotor.

After the ATF dip I let the unit drip for at least 20 minutes but it was probably 45 degrees. Other than going to a thicker oil I'm not sure what to do. Any suggestions? Have any of you experienced this?

I've got around 100 hours on it now. The diaper on the axle is working well but I'd like to fix the issue. The drive side also gets a bit oily but it's easy to wipe off and doesn't hurt anything.

Here's a link to my blog post of my first impressions, should you be curious-
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